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Hiring Challenges in the FMCG Sector Explained

Even though we have seen a slower start to the year in the FMCG sector in terms of outputs due to rising costs, ONS data shows that on average, 72% of food and drink manufacturers stated they had to absorb rising costs, there are still high levels of vacancies due to severe staffing shortages.

Nuclear Going Green

With the announcement in the recent budget that nuclear energy will be classed as ‘green’, we look at the opportunities both for the sector and the people working within it.

How can firms address ED&I in the engineering sector?

Regardless of the progress that has been made with equality, diversity and inclusion in the engineering sector in recent years, there is still a long way to go. The disparity between groups is startling when looking at gender, socioeconomic background, ethnicity, and disabilities.

How we find quality candidates in the nuclear and defence industry

Despite recent economic challenges, the various nuclear and defence industry sectors are able to sustain momentum and continue to hire for many exciting projects across the UK.

International Day of Girls and Women in Science Interviews Part 2

Check out the latest blog in our series about International Day of Girls and Women in Science. In this blog our Skilled Trades recruiter, Pip Carlton, had a chat with one of her fantastic Welder candidates, Charlotte Higginson. You can hear all about Charlotte’s career journey and the main challenges that women face in the industry today.

International Day of Girls and Women in Science Interviews

On Saturday 11th February, the world celebrated International Day of Girls and Women in Science, and at Scantec we take every opportunity to celebrate diversity in our STEM industries.

How to combat counter-offers in a talent-short market

From skills shortages to fast-approaching target deadlines, the engineering, technology and science sectors are experiencing hiring challenges that put huge amounts of pressure on organisations; and can lead to some impulsive decision making.

Why counter-offers can be damaging for your career

We can sum this up in one sentence: You were looking to leave. If you’ve ever made the decision to leave your job, at any point in your career, there will always have been a reason. Even if the sole purpose of changing employers is to get more money, is it really healthy to use job offers as leverage?

Qualities FMCG employers should look for in an engineer

With external pressures such as the pandemic, the ‘Great Resignation’, inflation, the cost of living crisis, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine all impacting FMCG organisations, the additional skills shortage has been an ongoing challenge as a result.

How the manufacturing industry has changed in our post-pandemic world

Things have changed dramatically over the last couple of years - not just from a recruitment perspective, but in a variety of industries and sectors.

How the cost of living is impacting manufacturing businesses

The cost of living crisis has been a daily mention in the news for the majority of 2022. With inflation soaring and consumer spending habits altering as a result, the manufacturing industry has inevitably been impacted.

Why workplace benefits are just as important as pay

There has been a long-standing debate in the recruitment sector about what is considered more important - the pay companies are offering their employees, or the benefits package being offered to their workforce.

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