Source+ is for business critical roles that need to be filled quickly, effectively and confidentiality. You will be assigned a dedicated consultant, who will be your main point of contact throughout the search process and will conduct weekly calls with your team to keep you updated on progress.

  1. Discovery meeting - We work with you to gather a detailed overview of your business and the role in question before setting out SLAs for CV review, interview stages, salary bandings and benefits. We set clear goals, objectives and expectations.
  2. Conduct search - If not confidential, our process would see us explore our immediate network and extensive database, headhunt and bolster with posting job adverts. Throughout the search process, we will always look to champion your employer brand and provide feedback on how your business is perceived in the market.
  3. Longlist and initial findings - We present back on the work we’ve done, the size of the market, the number of people we’ve contacted and conversations we’ve had. We use this point to raise any feedback we’re getting from the market, positive or negative.
  4. Shortlist meeting - We present the qualified candidates for the role and discuss their individual strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Process management - Arranging interviews, taking feedback, references and helping with handing in notice and dealing with counter offers. This ensures a feedback loop between clients and candidates through this process.
  6. Onboarding - We manage the process from offer, staying in regular contact with the candidate until they have started with the business. We will then remain as a point of contact for the candidate through the initial period of their employment, helping to feedback anything necessary to make the process as smooth as possible for all parties.
  7. Fees - Source+ is based on an exclusive engagement model with staggered payments on agreed milestones.

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