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I want to work in recruitment, but I don’t want to manage people. Now what?

A big misconception when working in recruitment - or, at least, when working in recruitment at Scantec - is that to develop in your career, you’ll eventually have to manage a team of recruiters which could limit the amount of placements you can make.

Jasmine Badaei: “The transferable skills I gained in my previous job enabled me to start a recruitment career.”

We recently chatted to our Recruitment Consultant, Jasmine, who has been with Scantec for just over six months. Here, she tells us how she’s been able to kickstart a career in recruitment with the help of the skills she gained in her previous role. Hi Jasmine, thanks for chatting with us! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

6 characteristics of a successful recruiter

There’s a reason why, on LinkedIn, there’s currently over 229,000 recruitment consultants based in the UK alone. It can be an incredibly rewarding, exciting, lucrative and fulfilling career - not only are you helping businesses thrive and people find their dream jobs, but you’re also somewhat in control of how much money you make based on the amount of work you put in.

Why you should choose a career in engineering recruitment

There are countless reasons why a career in recruitment is worth considering. From the competitive salaries and commission structures available, along with the training and development opportunities and countless other benefits, it is no wonder that there are currently more than 229,000 UK-based recruitment consultants on LinkedIn.