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Join some of the best and brightest minds in recruitment.

The scope and diversity of our business offers opportunities to build a lasting and fulfilling career. If you have worked in recruitment for a while or are new in the field, Scantec is a place where talented and driven people can prosper.

We recruit at all levels from support roles in the administration and payroll teams to Divisional Director roles that offer opportunities to explore new territories in the technical market. Whether the role is in sales or support, when recruiting, we look for versatile people who will contribute to both our culture and success.

If you are looking to develop your commercial sales tools and techniques, we value self-starters who understand why a career in recruitment can be a path to great success. Our expertise lies in designing proactive strategies, offering a consultative service and working alongside clients rather than a hard-sell approach. Partnerships and engagement form the core of our business, and we pride ourselves on building long-term trusted personal relationships with a high level of personal service. You will join a company that fosters emotional intelligence and understands the true value of new business development.

When our clients succeed, we succeed and the unique talents and contributions of all of our team members come together to achieve greatness and reach common goals, everyday. Many of our managers and directors started in entry-level consultant positions, and a number of our people have been with us more than a decade. We are proud of this loyalty, and this platform of knowledge is complemented and strengthened by the fresh thinking and experiences of our newer employees.

As a growing company, we continue to provide a variety of exciting opportunities for your career acceleration and development and work with you to achieve your career goals based on your strengths and potential.

A can do culture

​We seek to create an environment where individuals can flourish and develop their practical knowledge of recruitment practice. An entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged and celebrated. Our team members truly inhabit their project roles, embrace responsibility and enjoy the power to make business decisions in a supportive environment with the freedom to make and learn from our mistakes.

Mutual respect helps to sustain a high level of enthusiasm for great work. This is demonstrated by client satisfaction, continued trust from our clients and the industries in which we serve, and continuous business growth over the 30 years.

How can your career flourish?

Scantec is passionate about finding and developing the absolute best talent for our business. If you’re an experienced recruitment professional and would like to find out how your career can flourish here at Scantec, and how our offering differs from that of our competitors, please contact us today for a confidential conversation.

Where Scantec Personnel Limited receives a candidate’s CV from a third party, whether speculative or specific to an advertised vacancy, this will not be accepted as an introduction unless agreed in advance and in writing. As such, Scantec Personnel Limited will not be liable for any introduction fee in respect of the candidate introduced – all such CV’s will be treated as a gift.

Scantec Benefits

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    Competency Framework
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    Competitive Salary & Commission Structure 
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    Free On-site Parking
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    IOR Qualifications             
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    Private Healthcare
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    Monthly Incentive Awards
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    Company Funded Social Events
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    Annual Incentive Trip
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    Pension Contribution
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    Cycle to Work Scheme
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    Min 23 Days Holiday + Bank Holidays
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    Personal Development

Social Responsibility

We can pay it forward

We are committed to supporting local and global causes that improve the quality of life in the communities where we do business. We are proud of the way team members give generously of their money, energy and time and believe it creates a healthy workplace.

Along with local business mentoring, we donate time and expertise to local forums and serve on a number of boards across our region.

Throughout the calendar year, we also offer a colourful variety of opportunities for our employees to raise money and awareness for charitable causes with inspiring fundraising activities and events, including summer barbeques.



  • At Scantec, it is very much a team-based culture. The open-plan office encourages communication with individuals from all parts of the company. You are working in a supportive environment with daily interaction with Senior Directors who are keen to help you settle in, develop and share their experience with you. I quickly realised through the systems, processes and schemes in place that there is strong attention to detail, and everything is considered to ensure you have all the tools in place to be successful. This has clearly been achieved by allowing employees from all levels to give input into the company ethos and strategy.

  • The induction process was really good, structured and welcoming. From the first day, you feel part of the Scantec team. Everyone is willing to help, and the training gets you up and running quickly and was excellent and thorough. It truly is an open, honest, friendly and successful place to work. The strive to change for the better is what sets the organisation apart.

  • I’ve been with Scantec for almost 18 years and have always felt very supported. Scantec’s biggest asset is the people who work here. We all have a voice and are encouraged to voice opinions good or bad that will help create a better working environment. Any ideas are listened to and considered. I feel I am valued and an important part of a successful business.

  • Scantec is a quality focused, values driven organisation where it’s staff service length, client and candidate partnership length are testament to team. Their employee and business investment and innovation sets them aside from their competitors.

  • I have worked in the Support Area at Scantec for almost 6 years and have continuously felt supported by my team and Managers. I have always been encouraged to progress within the company at my own pace. The Managers and Directors are keen to spot talent within the company which they nurture and support through to fruition.


Our Values


Ensuring we deliver on our commitments to clients, candidates and our people by endeavouring every day to improve and exceed expectations.


We commit to being as transparent as possible. We are clear about what  we can and cannot offer, the standards our clients, candidates and staff can expect from us as well as what we expect from them.


Our business is all about relationships. In order to build long term relationships we must act with integrity at all times. We must conduct ourselves in a proper and professional manner and never devalue our brand with impropriety.


Acting with the highest ethical standards, we set the benchmark in the industry. Our focus on quality guides our journey through the ever changing legal and compliance landscape, minimising risk and motivating us to be the very best at what we do.


To be the most  trusted recruitment  brand in the UK, built  upon a reputation of  enhancing businesses,  progressing careers and  striving for success.