Our process

Every assignment utilises Scantec’s award-winning process to ensure a smooth and thorough service. Our promise to you also includes a truly collaborative approach and strict adherence to the highest ethical standards at all times. The first step in the process is to establish your requirements while agreeing a firm timeline and understanding your ideal start date.

Research and road map

When you choose Scantec for your executive appointments, our first step is to become well acquainted with you to gain a detailed understanding of your needs and your business. In-depth meetings combined with our award-winning techniques, including the Scantec Skills and Behavioural Competency Assessment Tool will ensure that your search is structured for success.

With a highly consultative approach, we have the capabilities to offer a fresh perspective to help you determine the skills, abilities and knowledge needed for your future leaders. Using deep industry knowledge, we will work closely with you to shape your ideal candidate profile with detailed role specifications, and recommend salary levels in line with current market conditions. Fact-finding is our passion, and our targeted and original research will scan and examine the whole of the market, including your competitors to identify areas of strength and weakness.

We have a track record for managing your project with impressive speed and agility. Our well-executed candidate searches and approaches are made with decorum and striking expertise so that we are able to locate the best possible passive candidates and persuade them to consider an opportunity with a new employer.

Focus and discretion underpin our approach

From the outset, our Executive Search consultants form a partnership with you and keep you informed at every step of the way. We perform comprehensive evaluations using mutually agreed functional and technical skill frameworks specific to your vacant role and behaviour – based interview techniques – that go far beyond tangible measurements.

According to your individual preferences, as you move through the interview and selection process, we will act as a full panel member or on an advisory basis and facilitate two-way client and candidate feedback at all times. Scantec will provide structured references, background checks and guidance through the negotiation process to help you agree starting salaries and a start date. Furthermore, we will also ensure that all unsuccessful candidates receive detailed feedback on their interview performance.

Seamless integration and expert onboarding advice.

Our job does not end when your candidate accepts the position. We work hard to ensure that your new leader integrates seamlessly within your organisation and offer expert assistance with on-boarding into your workplace. We remain readily available and are happy to act as liaison to resolve any outstanding issues and to make the transition as smooth as possible with regular follow-up calls and visits.

Client and candidate feedback is the most important thing to us, and our fair and transparent processes promote an open dialogue throughout the final stages to ensure that expectations are met for all parties. Our commitment to excellence governs the entire assignment, and every step in the process is geared toward providing the highest possible standard of care and building supportive relationships for the long-term.