10 Minutes with Darren Loyden, Manager of Scantec’s Scientific Team



The scientific industry is an exciting and critical business area in the UK with huge growth potential.

Today we speak to Darren Loyden who manages our Scientific Team to find out more about his experience of working at Scantec in this rapidly changing and highly technical sector.

Firstly Darren, how long have you worked at Scantec?

I joined Scantec in August 2017 so coming up to 4 years this Summer.

Prior to joining Scantec you recruited in the accountancy and finance sector so what appealed to you about working at Scantec for you to make the move?

I’d fallen into A&F recruitment as a trainee over a decade ago and spend my whole career from that point in that industry. Whilst I enjoyed the people I worked with, the industry was a bit monotone and despite working with some exciting companies and great clients, I wanted to work in an industry that was more interesting to me on a personal level.

You now work in the Scientific sector so what do you enjoy about working in this specialist area?

The sheer amount of change and that it’s a project driven industry. We only need to look very recently at worldwide events to see that the Scientific industry was one of those at the forefront of the response to the pandemic and almost overnight the entire industry switched its focus to responding to the virus. This isn’t a one off though, the scientific sector is an industry that responds to constant change and as a recruiter it’s exciting to be a part of that and dealing with people every day that have such a massive impact on the world.

How have you progressed in the time you have worked at Scantec?

I joined Scantec as a Senior Recruiter and I managed to build really strongly from day one and exceed my year one target. Opportunities were then open to me throughout the business to progress. That’s something Scantec do really well, they offer opportunity to progress based on your performance and as long as you’re doing the right things, then the opportunity to develop and grow is always on the table. I now manage the Scientific function and am working towards a number of targets to further progress to the next stage of my management career and to grow my team.

What are the biggest challenges of your role?

My biggest challenge currently is candidate availability. The Scientific industry is an industry filled with amazing people whose jobs it is to create and manufacture products that save and extend lives. They’re people that are quite often highly sought after and as such they’re hard to find and even harder to convince to move roles. Scientific recruitment is one area of recruitment where you really have to know the value proposition of your clients and be almost an extension of their own Talent and HR teams to allow you to deliver the right message to prospective candidates.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Filling jobs! I’ve worked in recruitment for 10 years now and nothing beats the feeling of filling a role and offering someone a job.

How would your team describe you?!

Hopefully positively! I think the one thing I always am is honest. I’ve learned over the years in recruitment that even the smallest mistruth catches up with people in the end, and so I’m always completely honest with my customers, team, and colleagues.

What are your top tips for success?

Listen more than you talk – you’ll always learn something.

And finally, what would you to say to someone who may be considering joining Scantec?

Definitely give Scantec some consideration. We’re genuinely a very good, commercial, supportive and ambitious business that can offer some really strong career opportunities. Have a chat to us and I’m almost certain you will find something that we do that suits exactly what you’re looking for in your next career move.  


If you are a recruiter thinking about your next move, why not get in touch with our Talent Acquisition Manager, Clare Lawrence on 0151 666 8959 or for a confidential discussion about the opportunities we have to join our team.