The Inspiration Station

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Scantec’s Lewis Fearon and Steph Woolley recently hosted an ‘Inspiration Station’ at the Wirral Skills Show 2020.  We saw 1300 young people come through the doors of The Hive – an amazing Youth Centre and venue in Birkenhead. 

The aim of the show was to inspire young people in our community who want more knowledge about the careers available to them and some understanding of what kind of jobs are aligned with their skills, talent or interests.

Lewis came up with the idea of ‘Skills Pong’ which was a great and engaging idea which attracted many young people to our stall, where we both got to interact one on one and in small groups with hundreds of young people which was great!

With the names of subjects on big red cups, the idea of the game was to try and get a ping pong ball in a cup and see what subject they got.  This then opened up careers discussions by us asking them questions such as:

  • What subjects do they like at school? 
  • Had they thought of any careers they would like to pursue yet?
  • What were they good at?
  • What jobs they thought they can do if they’re good at maths/ science etc?

We were then able to give key information about specific careers or point them in the direction of more information or companies they needed to be researching.

If they didn’t really know what they wanted to be just yet but enjoyed specific subjects we had created resources the students could take away listing 10 – 30 different jobs that they could consider.  We encouraged them to do some research online to see find out more information about what those jobs involved such as how much they pay, what skills/ training they need to pursue them.

We also collated a list of some of the young peoples’ favourite subjects/ chosen careers to enable us to gain an understanding of what the future generation are looking for in their careers. 

This is a great way for us to gain an insight into what is being studied at school, what young people are interested in and what’s important to them.  Key questions every business needs to be thinking about when workforce planning.

Overall it was a really successful event thanks to Wirral’s Young Chamber! We had a great day and reached out to hundreds of students who hopefully took something out of it and even if that’s just one job title they didn’t know before – that impact could be big on their future career plans.

We got loads out of it personally too, a real sense of supporting people and actually being present in our local community, passing on our knowledge and making steps towards bridging the skills gap by arming these young people with some of our knowledge and encouraging them to take ownership of their careers early on.

If you’re a business who wants to get involved in something like this we are keen to make introductions and facilitate something that brings business and education closer together!

To get the best talent in this next generation companies need to be proactive, so what are you waiting for? Give Steph a call on 0151 666 8914 or email her on