Joanna Caley's first 12 months at Scantec



Joanna Caley joined Scantec just over 12 months ago, so I decided to interview her to understand how she’s found her first 12 months here. Let’s find out what she has to say…

ME: ‘How have you found your first 12 months at Scantec?’

JOANNA: ‘It’s absolutely flown by! It really doesn’t feel like it’s been 12 months, which I guess shows I’m enjoying it. Everyday here is new and interesting. It’s quite fast paced and there’s always something different to work on, be that a different job, or project, or client to work with. I like it because it’s friendly and sociable. In the breakout area at lunch time there’s always someone to chat to, even if they’re not in your team.’

ME: ‘How have you found the transition into Project Services?’

JOANNA: ‘The transition was quite tough in a way as I was used to recruiting in manufacturing and I felt like I was an expert in that field, whereas the project services market is much more complex. The team have really helped me to get my head around it and Ed (Team Manager for Project Services) has loads of weird metaphors to explain projects to me, which really works! Somehow it makes sense and it’s very helpful. I feel like in this market I’m always going to be learning because it changes so quickly and there are new projects in the news all the time. So even though I wouldn’t say I’m an expert in the market just yet, I don’t feel I’m at a disadvantage because there is just so much to learn, but I’m definitely getting there!’

ME: ‘How did you find your induction?’

JOANNA: ‘There was quite a lot of going over old ground in terms of actual recruitment training, but this was quite good as a bit of a refresher and to ease me in. Then it all happened quite quickly and I was on the phone to clients in week 2, which was just the way I wanted it. I think in this job the only way to learn is on the job. I also did some training on the CRM and the team showed me a few things. I was even given a job to work in my first week, which was great; straight in at the deep end!’

ME: ‘What’s your team like?’

JOANNA: ‘It’s a great team. We’re very sociable and friendly. I guess it helps that most of us are a similar age. We’re very chatty, a bit too chatty at times perhaps – we have too much in common! I’m not from this area originally, so it’s great for me to be able to make friends at work.’

ME: ‘What have been the highlights of your first year?’

JOANNA: ‘For me, it’s been the opportunity to do business development and sales. I have the autonomy to map out my own sales plan. I’ve brought in roles with new and lapsed clients, for myself, as well as for the rest of the team. I really like being 360, but I also like having Resourcers in the team too. I’m managed, but I’m not micromanaged; I’m guided. I can have my own style and personality and I can follow my instinct, rather than having to work to a set process.’

ME: ‘What do you like about Scantec?’

JOANNA: ‘It feels like a big family. There are lots of people here, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming. At first I thought it might be a bit intimidating, but it’s not. The teams are separate, but you can still ask for help off other Consultants or Managers if you need to. Everyone is very friendly. The location is great for me as I live on the Wirral, so it’s just 15 minutes drive from my house. The office is also near a train station, so it’s good to have the option to get the train in too if we’re going out after work, or whatever. The offices are nice too, and there’s a café near by to get lunch! So it’s all of those things really!’

Thanks for the info, Joanna!


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