Samantha Ballentyne's first 12 months at Scantec



Samantha Ballentyne joined Scantec in February 2019 as Senior Resourcing Specialist for our Project Services division. I decided to interview her to find out how she’s found her first 12 months at Scantec. Let’s find out…

ME: ‘How have you found your first 12 months at Scantec?’

SAMANTHA: ‘It’s been great so far, really good. The role is very interesting and it feels like the right team fit.’

ME: ‘How have you found the transition from Accountancy & Finance recruitment to Engineering & Technical?’

SAMANTHA: ‘I’m doing a Project Controls, perm desk. It’s very different to what I was doing before because it’s focussing on all different infrastructure projects across the UK. Projects like HS2, nuclear projects, working with Highways England. It’s all quite high profile and the projects I work on are in the news, so it’s interesting. Also, I have interesting jobs to work and I’m speaking to different candidates and types of candidates all the time, across the whole of the UK, so yes, I really like it. It’s a different challenge.

I found the transition easier than I thought actually. I started in February and made my first placement in April, which I was very proud of, and it meant that I started earning commission quickly. Also, I got a really good level of training and support from my manager.

ME: ‘How did you find your induction?’

SAMANTHA: ‘The first couple of weeks there a was a lot of on-line training, but because Ed (Team Manager of Project Services) knew I was desperate to get on the phone he started doing at- the-desk-training straight away, which suited me fine because I could start calling candidates which was the quickest way for me to learn a new market. Then after the induction I just carried on learning about the market. Also, because Scantec have good relationships with clients it was very easy for me to understand their requirements, so it all happened quite quickly.’

ME: ‘What’s your team like?’

SAMANTHA: ‘It’s great – girl power! We’re all girls except Ed, obviously! Ed is great, we have a joke hashtag #bestmanagerever but he is. He’s very flexible – he understands that I have a kid, and if there’s ever a problem and I need to take time off, or whatever, he understands. It’s never an issue.

Then the rest of the team are great too. We’re all quite similar and we work closely together and have a really good laugh, as well as working hard.’

ME: ‘What have been the highlights of your first year?’

SAMANTHA: ‘I think firstly over achieving on my target, in fact I hit my yearly target in the first 5 months, so that was great! Then probably winning the ‘Resourcing Champ’ competition and then winning the highest percentage over target for the whole year, which was brilliant because I bought my Christmas presents with the vouchers I won!’

ME: ‘What do you like about Scantec?’

SAMANTHA: ‘ I like the variety of different projects that I work on and the variety of candidates I work with. I like the flexibility I get and the autonomy to run my own desk and make money, also the people and the culture; having a laugh but working hard at the same time. Also the incentives are brilliant – everything crossed I make it on the Marbella trip next year!’

So there we have it, a very successful first 12 months at Scantec – well done, Samantha!

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