Rachael Lofthouse's candidate experience with Scantec



We’ve recently welcomed Rachael Lofthouse to our Skilled Trades team as Telesales Executive/Appointment Setter, so I decided to interview her to understand how she found our recruitment process and her candidate experience. Let’s find out what Rachael had to say…

ME: ‘How did you find Scantec’s recruitment process?’

RACHAEL: ‘I think the main thing was that the approach was very friendly. It was all very relaxed and not forced at all, the conversation flowed really well. It was a new role, one that Scantec hadn’t recruited before and you explained it all to me very well. I’d been looking at getting in to recruitment for a while; I’d heard it was very hard work and rewarding and I really liked the sound of it, so when you called with an entry level role, it was perfect timing!

I came in to meet with Kirsty and Ed for a first interview. I’m not good at interviews and I was nervous and cracked some cringe worthy joke! Giving them a glimmer of my bonkers personality! The interview was formal but informal and Ed really challenged me with some of his questions, which took me about 10 minutes to answer but it was really fun!

Then there was a gap in between the first and the second interview; because it was a newly created role, you weren’t definitely sure it was going ahead, so Kirsty told me to go ahead and look for other roles. So I went ahead with other interviews, but the perfect role didn’t come up.  I was actually offered another role but turned it down because I knew I really wanted the Scantec role.

Even though there was a gap in between the first and second interview you and Kirsty both kept me in the loop and let me know what was happening.  Then the second interview came along. I came to meet with Kirsty again and Colin (Divisional Director for Civil Engineering & Infrastructure) and I had to do a role –play where I was pitching over the phone to Kirsty and Colin as if I was at my previous company, trying to secure a meeting. Kirsty really put me to the test and I was nervous but she said at the end that my tone and speed on the phone was perfect, which was good.

You called me on the way home to see how it went and I knew I really wanted the job. Then a few days later you called me with an offer, by which point I had 2 other opportunities on the go but I knew I wanted this one, so I cancelled them.

I think what you did well was communicate with me through out the process. I was never in the dark; it was all honest and transparent. Everyone was so friendly too, it was great. I think the only thing you could have done better was to have given me the job sooner!’

ME: ‘What attracted you to Scantec and ultimately why did you join?’

RACHAEL: ‘I think it was Scantec’s values, and I can see since coming here that you stand by them. Also, the reception area! I think every single person that passed me smiled and said hello and asked me if I wanted a drink – even though I was clearly sitting there with a coffee! It just had a really nice family feel!’

So there we have it, another positive candidate experience.

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