An interview with one of our new starters, Pip Carlton



I decided to interview Pip Carlton, who joined us in November to understand her candidate experience with us. Let’s find out what she had to say…

ME: ‘How did you find Scantec’s recruitment process?’

PIP: ‘It was really smooth, everything just flowed really well. We’d been speaking for a while, 18 months or so, and your style was very open, like there was no pressure or expectation for me to join Scantec. It was relaxed.

You’d sent me a LinkedIn message initially, and it wasn’t pushy at all, which was what I liked about it. Then when we spoke on the phone you asked me loads of open questions and told me about Scantec. I felt comfortable talking to you. It was like you were genuinely finding out if there was a match, as opposed to forcing me in to a job; it was like you were problem solving.

After 18 months or so of keeping in touch I approached you in the end when the time was right, and you arranged for me to come in and meet 2 of the managers.

I knew as soon as I walked into the building that it felt right. The person who met me in reception, Karen, was so friendly and made me a cup of tea. Everyone I met seemed so happy and friendly.

It was great meeting two managers because it was as though you had done the part of establishing whether or not I was right for Scantec, then they were assessing what team I might be a fit for. The fact that two managers were giving me their time made me feel as though Scantec were really invested in getting the right people in the business.

The first interview was great, and it was decided that I was a good fit for the skilled trade’s team. It turned out that Kirsty (Manager of Skilled Trades team) and I had taken quite similar career paths. I got a really great feel for the place and also the location was ideal because I live on the Wirral.

Then there was a bit of time in between the first and second stage, only a few days or so, but it was great because I had time and space to digest everything and prepare for the role-play that I’d been asked to do at second stage.

At second interview I met Kirsty again, and Pete (Managing Director). The task I was given was to do a role play of a client visit/sales pitch. As in, why a client should use me for their industrial recruitment requirements. I liked that the pitch was for industrial, because that was my background, it’s what I know, so I could ‘showcase my skills’ instead of trying to sell a service I didn’t know. Even though I was under pressure I felt really welcomed.

The second interview lasted for about 2 hours, which I couldn’t believe because it absolutely flew by!

Then you called me after hours on a Friday to say that the role was mine, I was absolutely made up! I really appreciated the late call too because otherwise I would have been stressing about it over the weekend!

The whole thing was a very enjoyable experience. I was given the spotlight to talk about me, and what recruiter doesn’t love that?! It’s also been great that the interview experience matches the reality of what Scantec really is.’

ME: ‘What attracted you to Scantec and ultimately, why did you join?’

PIP: ‘It’s pretty hard to explain a feeling, but I’d describe it as a matching of values. Everyone at Scantec is willing to give time to help. The MD even sat down and helped me to write an email – I couldn’t believe it! You’re treated as a person, an individual. I can’t believe the support I’m given too as I’ve started on a zero desk, and to hear managers telling me ‘not to put to much pressure on myself’ while I get going is amazing!  The work life balance is fantastic, and the early dart on a Friday is ideal. Family time is clearly very important to the people of Scantec.’

So there we have it; a very positive candidate experience!

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