The Christmas Do...



Here at Scantec, the Christmas party is quite literally legendary. Who wouldn’t love an all-expenses-paid night at Liverpool’s Arena & Convention Centre, complete with free bar (dangerous!) a 3 course meal, a show, a huge dance floor and indoor fairground rides, waltzers, bumper cars etc.?!

We finish early that day so everyone gets time to pamper/get their glad rags on/head straight for town for an early start, and there’s even company-paid-for transport to take people to and from the venue. It’s ace.

It’s the 1 night of the year (possibly 2 as the summer party is also superb, or possibly 3/4 nights if you include the annual trip to Marbella) where everyone really lets their hair down.

It usually starts around 7pm with canapés and cocktails, then it’s through to the tables to enjoy the meal and wine (which is always superb) then the dance floor opens (though there’s mainly lots of dancing around the tables) and then of course, the fair ground rides. The dance floor is a great opportunity for even some of our most reserved employees to showcase some pretty impressive dance moves, and the meal-drinks-fairground combination can be a challenging combination for some!

Yes, there are sometimes a few embarrassed faces on a Monday morning (not me, obviously!) but on the whole, it’s actually a really important night for the team. Everyone works their socks off all year, and the end of year party is a chance for everyone to celebrate how hard we’ve worked; celebrate our differences; our professional relationships; our successes, and the free bar!

It’s great to feel appreciated as employees, and to come together as a team to reflect on the year. Thank you Scantec! Here’s to 2020 – looking forward to the Christmas do already! But first…. Marbella!

Merry Christmas, all!

Zoe Sheen I Talent Acquisition Manager & Tina Turner Enthusiast