What’s your best quarter in recruitment?



As the year starts to draw to a close and I begin to think about 2020 I started to ponder ‘what’s my best quarter in recruitment?’  To be clear, when I say best, I mean favourite. (I’m not opening up a debate about who’s billed what, because let’s face it, no one likes a show off!)

What I mean is, out of the 4 quarters in the year, which – in the world of recruitment – do you think is best, and why?

I’d say each has its pro’s and cons, but for me, here’s how I feel about each…

Q1 – Hideous.  You come back from the Christmas break, January is miserable and all you can see is that massive target that you haven’t even really made a dint in yet. It looks like Everest, and despite your robust business plan, you’ve really no idea how/if you’ll do it.

Q2 – Better. After a decent start you’ve made a dint in your target that you’re pleased with. Things are starting to look up. In fact, you’re flying. What on earth were you thinking in January? You got this.

Q3 – Summer. Yey! But OMG, where is everyone? You should have worked harder in Q1 and Q2 to compensate for this madness.

Q4 – Christmas. We all know December will be a write-off, so better make sure October and November are bumper months – and yes, they are!

So, after careful consideration, for me, it has to be Q4. Not only because Autumn is my favourite season and the Scantec end-of-year party is always epic, but because you can give it everything for that sprint finish, and then look back at the end of the year and say ‘Yes. I’ve done it.’

Then it starts all over again….

What’s your favourite quarter in recruitment and why?

Let me know!


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