In 3 years the construction industry will be 260,000 workers short – What are you doing about it?

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Last week at construction week Sarah Beale, CITB’ CEO said that our industry is going to be 260,000 workers short within 3 years – And that’s just on the projects we know about!

That got me thinking! Why is this?

Findings from NAO & Ofsted reports suggest that companies have used their levy to fund professional training, Management & Leadership training and enhance current graduate/ apprenticeship schemes with accredited courses, so our skilled workers are getting accredited and developing more skills however career changers & young people are still unable to gain skills & access skilled work.

This means that the Levy isn’t enabling more opportunity for people to gain the skills we need for the future! - Are we actually widening the gap rather than bridging it?

I’m a recruitment consultant in the Technical & Engineering Sectors, I provide flexible working solutions to clients who depend on quality skilled workers so I have an interest in the future workforce in our industry. I recently became an associate member of the CIPD which has made me think more strategically and more about the bigger picture – will we be able to meet this demand in 2 years with less skilled workers? What can we do about it?

I think that educating businesses is really important – it’s evident from the NAO & Ofsted reports that the apprenticeship levy wasn’t used as the Government intended why is this? Why are we as an industry not investing in our future workforce anyway?

Is it because:

  • We can’t see the long term benefits?
  • We don’t believe there is/ will be a shortage?
  • We are not being inclusive or diverse in our recruitment process?
  • We are scared of change?
  • We don’t have the infrastructure or resources to train people?
  • We don’t have time to spend with less experienced people?
  • We don’t plan well enough for pipeline projects?

If you’re a company who struggles to recruit skilled workers why do you think that is? Is there anything that you could or should be doing differently?

Comment below with any problems you have faced and any solutions that work for you

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