An interview with one of our new starters, Joe Bowen



Scantec have recently welcomed Joe Bowen; a superb addition to our team. Joe joins our Manufacturing team as a Senior Consultant, heading up the Logistics & Transport side of Scantec’s recruitment and is doing a fantastic job. His expertise in the field compliments our already experienced division well and his sense of humour keeps the team smiling (sometimes crying laughing!)

Let’s find out more about Joe’s candidate experience at Scantec.

ME: ‘How did you find Scantec’s recruitment process?’

JOE: ‘Very smooth and straight forward. I couldn’t really take any holidays, so the hiring managers meeting me out of hours was brilliant. Ed met me at 6.30pm, which was great. Then at second stage, Ed, Sara and Pete met me really early one morning. Since Pete is Managing Director I wasn’t sure if that would be ok, but it was, and it was great to meet him.

Then the contact throughout was great. You kept me fully informed throughout the process, so I new exactly where we were up to, stage by stage. It was pretty funny because obviously as a Recruiter you can spot a bad Recruiter a mile off, but I could tell you were experienced and knew what you were doing (I obviously struggled to fit my head out of the door after this!)

I liked the fact that you first contacted me in November last year and then kept in touch with me. As  a Recruiter you get messages off everyone all the time, but your messages were different, they were just nice and normal. I replied saying ‘thanks for the approach but I’m not looking’ and you sent back a nice polite message back, which I liked. You contacted me again in about June time, and it was just the right time really. The approach was very much a ‘hi, how are things? It wasn’t a sales pitch; it was more a conversation, as if you cared. You were persistent, but without being too much.

Then we had a chat on the phone and again, it wasn’t a sales pitch. You wanted to find out about me and then said ‘this is us’ and it felt right. It was clear that you really understood the industry.

The process from there was straightforward and smooth, and quite quick. I think it was just 11 days from start to finish.’

ME: What attracted to you to Scantec and ultimately why did you join?’

JOE: ‘For me, the competency framework was a massive part of it. A pet hate of mine is the way the recruitment industry pushes top billers into management roles, whether they want it or not. Scantec doesn’t do that. You can go down the management route if you want to, but if not, there are other routes you can take, Business Development for example.

Also, Wirral is a great location for me, and the free parking is a bonus, as not having to pay city centre car park prices is great! The building as a whole and the facilities are great too.

Plus, Pete (Managing Director) is very visible around the business. He’s on the sales floor every few hours and his door really is always open, which I think is really important.

So I think it was all of that really.’


Scantec are currently looking for experienced, high-calibre recruiters to join our team. If you’d like to know more, call me Zoe Sheen, today for a confidential conversation on 0151 666 8959 or 07867 558 398. I want to hear from you!