My candidate experience at Scantec



One of my colleagues suggested to me last week that I should write a blog about my own candidate experience at Scantec (since I’m always blogging about everyone else’s!) So I thought, why not!

Here goes…

How it started…

I was at a friend’s house at a BBQ a few years ago and I met one of Scantec’s Senior Managers. You know how it is in recruitment; everybody knows everybody. Not long after that, an internal recruitment role came up at Scantec. Having worked in agency recruitment for over 10 years, I’d never done internal before, but having heard great things from Gareth at the BBQ I decided to throw my hat in the ring.

The first Interview…

The day of the interview I felt really excited. Not only because of the interview, but because it had snowed and I’m a big kid! The excitement soon wore off when my car wouldn’t start (true story!) and I had to get my Mum to drop me off at the interview, which at the age of 34, was pretty cringey.

Having lived on the Wirral for most of my life, I’d heard of Scantec, but didn’t know too much about them. In my head, they were a small office of about 5 people in Hamilton Square. When I (my Mum) pulled up outside the big, shiny, 3 storey, glass fronted building, I thought ‘hmm, I’ve got this a bit wrong.’

I was greeted at reception by a very friendly person, who I later found out was Lucy Morris, one of Scantec’s Administrators who’s been with Scantec for years, and is all round fab. I waited in reception for a little while and was very impressed by the reception area, as well as the rest of the building. It was around lunch time so people kept coming and going, each of them smiling and asking if I was being seen too. I thought the place had a really nice vibe. Then it was up in the lift to the boardroom, which was lovely and warm and smelt of fresh coffee. I met Pete (Peter Bates – MD) who was very welcoming and offered me a coffee, and though I really wanted one I decided it was safer to stick to the water; caffeine and I don’t mix.

Pete was very friendly, engaging and disarming; the kind of person you could chat to for ages. I was kicking myself because I knew instantly that I wanted the job and had made the rookie mistake of – because I was only passively looking – not preparing for the interview as well as I would have liked.

The first interview absolutely flew by and felt like a really good sharing of information. I liked the interview because I was mainly talking about myself, which - as Pete and most of Scantec discovered later that year in a cocktail bar – is one of my favourite pastimes!

Pete said at the end of the first interview that he would like to proceed to second stage, and I was thrilled! He went on to say that as part of the second stage he’d like me to deliver a presentation on ‘How I would set up an internal recruitment function at Scantec, and build a talent pool’ EEK! I thought! Exciting, but slightly nerve wracking, given I’d never done internal before.

For the next week I thought of nothing else. I had a note pad by my bed to scribble down ideas for the presentation. I called my friends and contacts who had experience of internal recruitment to get some tips.

The second interview

Then the day came. I had a new suit; I was ready.  I met Pete again in the boardroom and then it was straight in to my presentation. It was good to get it out of the way early because I could relax into the rest of the interview. It flew by again and I was certain I wanted the job. At the end Pete said he had one more person to see on Wednesday. It was Friday and because I’m very impatient and like getting my own way, I was crestfallen. How dare there be someone else in the frame for MY job!

The offer

Wednesday AND Thursday came and went with no phone call and I was starting to think I’d been pipped to the post. Surely not, I thought. It got to Friday and still, no call. Then in the afternoon I was playing Lego with my little girl when I finally got the call. It was Pete saying ‘we’d like to make you an offer.’ At which point I’m pretty sure I squealed. Embarrassing, but I didn’t care. I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to start my career as Talent Acquisition Manger at Scantec.

So over all, apart from having to be escorted to the first interview by my Mum and squealing at the end, I’d say my candidate experience at Scantec was excellent. If there are any Recruiters out there who’d like to find out more about us, please don’t hesitate to call me, Zoe Sheen, Scantec’s Talent Acquisition Manager – BOOOOM! (I’m aware I can’t pull that off). Call me!


✆ 07867 558 398

☎ 0151 666 8959