From Sales Executive to Recruiter! An interview with Joanne Smith, one of Scantec’s Lead Resourcing Specialists



Scantec are currently recruiting for a Sales Executive for our MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) team.  As such, I thought I’d interview Joanne Smith, one of our Lead Resourcing Specialists who joined Scantec years ago with no previous recruitment experience, but with a strong business development background.  Jo is one of Scantec’s longest serving and highest performing Recruiters. Let’s find out what she has to say…

ME: ‘What is your current role at Scantec and how long have you been here?’

JO: ‘I’m Lead Resourcing Specialist for Scantec’s Infrastructure team and I joined Scantec as a Trainee in May 2000. My role involves the search and selection of suitable candidates for Civil Engineering and Infrastructure vacancies. During my time at Scantec I’ve also done a 360 Recruitment role, which is more sales focussed, but then I guess any Recruitment role involves an element of sales.’

ME: ‘What did your Sales Executive role involve before you joined Scantec?’

JO: ‘I worked for a construction project leads company in Ellesmere Port. I started as a Researcher, and then I moved on to the Customer Service/Sales team. The role involved calling Architects and Site Managers to gather information on different construction projects. I would then log all of the information I’d gathered on to the system for it to be turned in to a bulletin/publication for our subscribers to use as a sales tool. The Sales role involved making our subscribers aware of our other products and upselling if the product was useful to them. I also booked appointments for external reps to go out to clients to demonstrate products. In fact, my now husband was a rep!’

ME: ‘How transferable would you say your skills as a Sales Executive are to Recruitment?’

JO: ‘Very transferable. I think the key thing is resilience. If you got a knock back you would have to have the drive to get back on the phone, keep your game face on, and make the next call. It’s the same in recruitment. Also, the Sales Exec role was commissioned, as is recruitment, so I think coming from that background and having that mind set really stood me in good stead.’

ME: ‘Would you recommend a career in recruitment to a Sales Exec?’

JO: ‘Absolutely. I really think it’s the perfect step for someone from a sales / business development background. I find it very enjoyable and rewarding. The highs that come from placing someone in their ideal role and helping people along their career path; you get a lot of satisfaction from that.’

So if you’re a Sales Executive who loves being on the phone, generating leads and booking appointments for your team and you’d like to find out more about a career at Scantec, please contact me, Zoe Sheen, today. I want to hear from you!


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