What is Scantec's Employee Forum and why is it important?



When I’m speaking with Recruiters who are interested in understanding more about Scantec, a topic that invariably comes up is Scantec’s Employee Forum. With this in mind I decided to have a chat with the Forum’s founder, Naomi Pearson, Senior Resourcing Specialist for our IT Division along with her Co-Chair, Joe Blakemore, Client Relationship Consultant for our Engineering Division. Let’s find out what they have to say…


ME: ‘What exactly is Scantec’s Employee Forum?’

NAOMI: ‘The Forum is an opportunity for everyone to get together to discuss ideas and suggestions for things they would like to see implemented across the business.’

JOE: ‘Exactly. It’s a consortium of non–managers who meet quarterly and share ideas of ways in which the business could be improved. Each team selects a representative to go along to the Forum and take the team’s ideas to the table which are then discussed openly. The ideas could be absolutely anything. Naomi and I then take the ideas to Senior Management to understand how the ideas might then be put into practice. Senior Management then give us updates of where our ideas and suggestions are up to, as well as what has been actioned, what hasn’t been actioned, and what’s still under review. All ideas are put forward anonymously and we give context as to why people would like certain things, but who came up with the ideas always remains anonymous.’


ME: ‘Why did you start the Forum, Naomi?’

NAOMI: ‘Good question! For me, it was mainly about inclusion. Our Managing Director is very approachable and practises an open door policy, you can talk to him about anything, but I wanted to create a channel for everyone to be able to voice their opinion; to ensure that absolutely everyone in the business was listened to.’

JOE: ‘Absolutely. I think Senior Management and Directors of any business probably think on a different level to others, so it’s good to have a formalised way of taking ideas forward. It’s all completely anonymous too, so that people can have the confidence to say what they think.’


ME: ‘What changes have been implemented across the business as a direct result of the Forum?’

NAOMI: ‘There have been a few now. A big one is the adjusted hours. There was a suggestion that we have an early finish on a Friday, so now we do! We finish at 3.45pm now, instead of 5.30pm. There were a few different suggestions of what the new hours would be and where we would make up the time throughout the week. i.e. take a slightly shorter lunch, or come in a little bit earlier/ stay a bit later. It went to a vote of the people in the end, and a slightly shorter lunch won. We all take a 45 minute lunch throughout the week (instead of an hour) and then we finish at 3.45pm on a Friday. It’s great, everyone loves it!’

JOE: ‘Pizza Friday’s too. Every month, on a Friday Pete (Managing Director) gets in as much pizza as you can eat. It’s brilliant. Everyone goes down stairs to the break out area to sit together, so it’s all very inclusive and it’s a very happy day!’

NAOMI: ‘The option to buy more holidays has just been approved too. It’s an idea that the forum put forward a little while ago. It’s great for people to have that flexibility. So that’s something that we’re really happy with. So yes, over all, there have been some pretty big changes; things that started as ideas and have now been but into practise as a result of the forum. There are more in the pipeline too!’

Great to understand more about the Forum from Naomi and Joe. Thanks guys!


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