Interview with one of our new starters, Jacob Davies



As usual I decided to interview one of our new starters, Jacob Davies to understand his experience of our recruitment process. Let’s find out what he has to say…

Me: ‘How did you find Scantec’s recruitment process?’

Jacob: ‘It was absolutely fantastic. It started when I read your blog….

It really caught my eye. I was passively looking at the time and it was good to read an article about Scantec that had been written by someone working in the company, because it gave a real insight, and I liked the message. I had an introductory chat to begin with, which was great because I came in informally and was able to see the offices and get a feel for the place.

Following the chat, there was a more formal first stage interview, followed by a second stage where I came in and gave a presentation. The presentation was actually really good to do because it made me think about the role more. I was happy to be doing that. It really showed that Scantec weren’t just hiring ‘willy-nilly.’

In between the second stage and the offer, I had another informal chat with one of the team members. When I joined I was made to feel very welcome by Shereese and the rest of the team. Overall the process was very thorough, transparent and professional.

Me: ‘What attracted you to Scantec and ultimately why did you join?’

Jacob: ‘The big thing for me was the longevity of Scantec’s staff; many of whom have been with the company for over 5 years and more, and I think this speaks for itself. Also Scantec have their own purpose-built offices, and the location is great for me to come over from Liverpool.

The competency framework was also very attractive because there is great opportunity to progress along multiple career routes in a company with a really great reputation. Also, the role was a warm desk, which was also appealing to me. So, it was all over those reasons really.’

Great to understand Jacob’s candidate experience. If you’d like to find out more about opportunities, whether you’re actively looking, or just curious to know more, please contact me, Zoe Sheen today. I want to hear from you!


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