How can we support the next generation of STEM workers?

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"Preparing young people for the world of work is key to long-term productivity and competitiveness in society. Recruiting young people improves workforce diversity, brings in new ideas and skills, and helps build a talent pipeline."


As part of Youth skills day on Monday 15th July we ran a survey to further understand what challenges organisations face when it comes to employing people straight out of education - whether that be school leavers or graduates. We asked for your feedback on the most effective ways to get young people ready for work? The results are in and here is what you had to say!


Although 100% of respondents considered Apprenticeships an effective way to reduce skills gaps 33% of people didn’t utilise their Apprenticeship levy!


We are keen to understand more about how we can partner with you to support school leavers and graduates into the world of work.  For further information, or to share your ideas please contact Steph on 0151 666 8914 or