What makes a good Recruiter great?



So what makes a good Recruiter? I think we can all agree that to be a good Recruiter you need a few core traits. Resilience being key; the ability to go – in a matter of hours - from calculating that you’ll likely be a millionaire next quarter, to realising that your pipeline has crumbled - and that actually you’ll be on beans on toast (and not even Heinz) and still being able to carry on.

But what makes a good Recruiter great? After 15 years in recruitment, I’ve often pondered this question. I’ve observed lots of Recruiters over the years, and I’ve listened to many a Director talk about what they think makes a good Recruiter great; more calls, more visits, more CVs out, more hours, more, more, more, but actually, maybe it’s less? And I’m not going all Jerry McGuire here - maybe it is less, maybe it’s more?

I think it depends on the individual Consultant and what works for them, and incidentally, that’s what Scantec thinks too, which is why here at Scantec we carefully assess each individual Consultant’s strengths and development areas before developing their bespoke target ratios. Each Consultant is an individual; some may need to carry out high volume activity to achieve results, and others may not. So what makes a good Recruiter great? It depends on the individual Recruiter, and here at Scantec we take the time to understand the individual, which is why we have a team of great Recruiters.

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