An interview with one of our new starters, Kelly Maddocks



Joining our Scientific division in March as Managing Consultant, experienced Recruiter, Kelly Maddocks has made a flying start to her career at Scantec! Let’s find out how Kelly found our recruitment process and what ultimately attracted her to Scantec.

Me: ‘How did you find our recruitment process?’

Kelly: ‘All positive, it was really good. From the initial engagement through to organising the interviews, it all flowed really nicely. You were accessible throughout the process via a range of different mediums; text, email, mobile, LinkedIn, which was really important for me because I was working in a close knit office, so it was good to be able to communicate across different channels, and out of hours. The initial engagement you and I had really created interest, there was also no ‘big sell’ on the company, I guess because you didn’t really need to. You came across as though you really enjoy working here, and you’re very personable, which was a big draw. I came in to meet with Sara and Colin, and all the information you sent through ahead of the interview enabled me to really research the opportunity. Also, the interviews were outside of working hours which was great for me because I didn’t have to take time off.  I also liked that the interview process was so structured. I was considering other opportunities at the time too, but their interview processes were less formal - which ordinarily I might have preferred - but the formality and structure actually felt good. I knew what I needed to prepare and it was clear that you’re looking for real grafters, and for people who would be a genuine culture fit. Then the follow up was really good and quick; the offer letter and contract were all sent out straight away. Then when I joined I found the induction one of the best I’ve experienced, industry-leading, I would say. It was delivered by Sara, my Manager, it was good to have that one-to-one time with her, and the content was excellent. Also, to have all of the online training at my finger tips is great too. Then spending time with Pete [Managing Director] so early on was brilliant because I know his door really is always open. Spending time with Gordon [Head of Finance] early on was great too, to know that senior people with in the business are approachable and accessible is really important. So yes, over all the process was smooth, slick and all very well executed.’

Me: ‘What ultimately attracted you to Scantec?’

Kelly: ‘It wasn’t the industries, or the sectors you recruit in, for me it was the whole process. It was the initial approach from you, through to meeting the key people, hearing their stories and understanding how Scantec works, and what makes it such a successful business. I live in Liverpool and some of my family thought I was mad to consider an opportunity on the Wirral, but the free parking makes it heaps cheaper than parking in Liverpool City Centre, and the tunnel is only a pound with the fast tag. Also, it’s door to door, I don’t have to walk from a city centre car park to the office as I did when I worked in Liverpool, so it’s actually quicker for me to get here.’

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