From recruiting Accountants to recruiting Scientists – How our Senior Consultant, Darren Loyden found the transition



From recruiting Accountants to recruiting Scientists – How our Senior Consultant, Darren Loyden found the transition


I often get asked the question from recruiters who are interested in joining Scantec ‘I’m an experienced recruiter, but I don’t have experience of engineering or technical recruitment, will this be a problem?’

I decided to interview one of our Senior Consultants, Darren Lloyden - one of many consultants at Scantec who have successfully transitioned into a different industry sector – to understand how he found the change.

Let’s find out what he had to say…

Me: ‘What is your role at Scantec and how long have you been with the company?’

Darren: ‘I’m Senior Consultant within our Scientific division and I’ve been with Scantec for 18 months this month’

Me: ‘What was your recruitment experience prior to Scantec?’

Darren: ‘Prior to Scantec I worked in accountancy and finance recruitment for 8 years. 2 years transactional finance, then 6 years qualified accountants and audit. So I’d mainly place Finance Directors, Financial Controllers and Auditors, Financial Accountants and Management Accountants.’

Me: ‘How is your role different to your previous recruitment roles?’

Darren: ‘This role is so candidate driven, and relationship driven. It’s not a case of finding candidates on job boards, really, its understanding what the client wants and then going out headhunting and networking with passive and inactive candidates. I guess because of the skills shortage within STEM, you have to really think outside the box in terms of candidate generation. The industries I now recruit in (science and manufacturing) are constantly changing; there are new skills sets emerging all the time, then in 4 years time that technology has evolved and it’s on to the next thing, it keeps it really interesting!’

Me: ‘How have you found the change in sector?

Darren: ‘I love it, it’s so interesting! I’m not a Scientist, but I don’t need to be. What I have become is an expert in understanding what makes companies and people tick, then the science adds an extra layer of interest. Some of the biotechnology projects I get to learn about are brilliant, looking at human DNA sequences and understanding more about things like diabetes and how new technology can help; a pump sending a signal to your mobile phone, for example.’

Me: ‘What support were you given while you transitioned from one sector to another?’

Darren: ‘Scantec noticed what I was good at and built my development plan around that, rather than forcing me to work in a model that didn’t work for me. My strengths are business development and relationship building. Scantec recognised this early on and let me run with it.  Scantec aren’t your archetypical recruitment company in that respect, which was really great for me. We have a competency framework here, so career progression is laid out for you, and you can look around you and see that it’s really working for people.’

Me: ‘What are the positives of changing sector the sector you recruit in, and what are the negatives?

Darren: ‘For me, this sector suits me as a person. I research everything until I understand it and I’m very analytical, so the sector is great for me. Plus, no 2 clients are ever the same, so it keeps it fresh. As for negatives, there aren’t any for me.’

Me: ‘Would you recommend it?

Darren: ‘Yes, massively. I felt like I got trapped in Accountancy and Finance. I took a year out to figure out what I wanted to do; I nearly left the recruitment industry all together. Then Scantec came along and facilitated the change I needed. It was so refreshing; Scantec enabled me to redevelop myself.’

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