New Starter Interview - Lewis Fearon



It’s that time again… an interview with one of our new starters, Lewis Fearon.

Let’s find out what he has to say about his candidate experience with Scantec.

Me: ‘How did you find the recruitment process?’

Lewis: ‘Really good. You really catered to my needs in terms of interview timings. Everyone was really friendly. One of the hiring managers couldn’t be there at first stage, but made special arrangements to see me informally in between first and second stage, which was great. I was quite nervous at second stage because I had to role play a sales pitch, but my nerves were put at ease. Over all the process was very good, I was kept informed throughout and it moved quickly, everyone was very professional.’

Me: ‘What did we do well?’

Lewis: ‘The process was quick, there was no hanging around, I was kept informed, and there was a quick decision.  I was fed back to on the same day, it was very proactive! I was introduced to the guys on the sales floor after the second interview, to get an ‘on-floor’ perspective so I could understand how it all worked.’

Me: ‘What could we have done better?’

Lewis: ‘Not much, it was all great’

Me: ‘What attracted you to Scantec and ultimately why did you join?’

Lewis: ‘I could tell from the moment I arrived that the company was very professional. I live on the Wirral, so it’s close to home for me. I got a really good gut feeling, I just felt it would be the right fit, and the reception from all the hiring managers was great. The fact that the guys in the team took time out of their day to do a question and answer with me at the end  was amazing, I really appreciated it. So yes, I think it was all of those things really.’

So there we have it, another good candidate experience.

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