How's your pipeline looking?



So, you’ve smashed Q1. Nailed it. Stretched your stretch target. You’re riding high. Smug. Then comes the inevitable question ‘How’s your pipeline for Q2 looking?’

‘Flipping heck,’ you think. ‘I’ve just nailed Q1. Let me just revel in it for a bit!’ Then it hits home, and you think ‘how is Q2 looking?’

It’s looking bleak. Bleak as anything. Where’s it all coming from next quarter? You get a weird feeling thinking about the vast expanse of the next quarter stretched out ahead of you, and your leg starts shaking (maybe that’s just me).

The person next to you already has interviews arranged and a big fee due to drop next month, the person across from you is arranging interviews left right and centre, and you’re sitting on… nothing.

Then you realise, it’s time to stop revelling. Stop revelling and get back on it fast. You get your Q2 plan business plan done (call all your contacts immediately) and get to work. You work flat out, and you won’t stop until you can say ‘Pipeline? It’s looking great thanks. All in hand. It’s all about Q3 for me now.’

If you’ve got the pipeline jitters and you don’t know where your Q2 is coming from, come and explore opportunities here at Scantec. Now in our 30th year we have client and candidate relationships going back decades, so you can come here and work with warm, existing accounts and not have to worry about your pipeline… Until Q3 at least!

If you’re an experienced Recruiter and you’d like to understand more about opportunities at Scantec, contact me, Zoe Sheen today for a confidential, no obligation telephone call.

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