Resilience in Recruitment – Memoirs of an experienced Recruiter

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A dear old friend of mine, who started out in recruitment around the same time as me, way back when in 2004, once had a hilarious/devastating recruitment moment very early on in her career; a moment that quite easily could have crushed her.

Picture the scene; she went out to visit the Finance Director of an important, potential client to introduce herself, and the services her agency could offer, she was new to recruitment, and understandably a little nervous.

So she did her homework and brushed up on the company background and history etc. just as she had been taught to during her extensive training. The company were listed on an American stock exchange, she found out... ‘Good information’ she thought.

The meeting began like this…

"So, Mr Finance Director, I believe your business is listed on the Dhansak?"

"Isn’t that a type of curry?" He replied.

Needless to say she never did business with the company.  She shuffled out, red faced and dying of embarrassment, wondering how on earth she got her Dhansak mixed up with her Nasdaq, and pretty much never wanting to go on a client visit again... EVER.

However, she did go on a client visit again, lots of them.  She got back to the office and told her boss (who laughed... a lot.)  She got back on the phone, kept on with her training, and became a very experienced Recruiter; a resilient one for sure!

Here at Scantec, we’re a team of very experienced recruiters; in fact, our Management team has a combined experience of over 100 years, and an average Scantec service length of over 15 years each.  As such, they can all recount tales of their own resilience, and hark back to times where they’ve had to pull everything out of the bag to keep going.  Perhaps, not all as embarrassing as my friend’s (mine) but tales none the less.

If you’re an experienced recruiter with stories of your own resilience and ups and downs, and you’d like to find out more about how your career can flourish at Scantec, we want to hear from you!

Please give me a call today on 0151 666 8959. All conversations will be held in the strictest of confidence.