What is Progression in Recruitment?

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When you envisage your recruitment career progressing, what do you imagine? 

A Management position? A Director Title? A new car? A Rolex watch? Finally earning enough money to justify buying that Pedigree cat you’ve always wanted? (Naming no names - you know who you are.)

Here at Scantec, we recognise that different people are motivated by different things. 

We recognise that not all ‘big billers’ want to become Managers, in fact, some hate the idea. We recognise that not all Recruiters want to do a ‘360’ role, maybe you love the candidate side, but not the client, or vice versa. We recognise that different recruitment professionals have different strengths, and different ideas of progression.

We’ve recognised this by spending years developing our unique competency framework. It’s a formalised document, showing very clearly the 4 defined routes along which you can progress here at Scantec; Resourcing, Business development, Recruitment, or Management. 

No matter the route your skills set lends itself towards there is a defined progression path in place for you. The pace of which is determined by you.

This progression is one of many reasons we retain our staff here at Scantec. It’s also the reason why Jo, our Principle Resourcing Specialist, enjoys our incentives trip to Marbella every year, and why Paul - just a year in - can finally justify buying Missus Whiskers. Congrats, Paul!

If you’re an experienced recruiter and would like to find out how your career can flourish at Scantec, please call me today on 0151 666 8959 or 07867 558 398 for a confidential conversation.