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Those of you who know me will know, I love using famous quotes in the working environment, from “Lunch is for wimps” to “On my signal, unleash Hell” I can often be heard in the office utilising my useless knowledge of iconic movie quotes. In this blog I am going to discuss (and try and justify to myself) the validity of these quotes in the recruitment environment.

“Lunch is for Wimps” – Wall Street (1987)

Now let me be clear, I eat lunch everyday and I encourage my team to take a lunch break. Probably one I shouldn’t be using but in my defence who has time to take a full 1 hour lunch break!?

For me a morning in recruitment is enough to make anyone’s head spin and a break from your desk, emails and phone is needed but, lets be clear, the work isn’t being done when you are away from your desk and really all you are doing in “killing time” in the break out area or local café is adding to the time you will need to stay past the end of the working day. I find I get more done straight after lunch than any other point in the day, candidates and clients are on lunch so more able to talk and there are less distractions given most of the office is on a lunch break.

“On my signal unleash hell” – Gladiator (2000)

Now, I admit recruitment lessons within Gladiator are hard to find….for the uninventive.

The lesson is obvious, we all know the scene, the Roman army lined up in the forests of Germania ready to battle the locals, and Russell Crowe looks to his fellow commanders and gives the order “On my signal…” Now in this we need to think, what happened before the day of the epic battle? Immense amounts of planning, assessing the issues of the current and next day and setting plans into action, the rest is purely execution. One thing all the great recruiters have in common is…. They plan, they know what they are doing the next day before they leave the night before, who they will call, what times they will be calling and what are the priority tasks. Then walk into the office the next day and succeed….just like Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe’s character).

“Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game” – Bad Boys 2 (2003)

Probably my favourite quote from Bad Boys 2 and Yes I do use this one often to. In a recruitment sense this statement is saying “Don’t hate recruitment, hate the situation”. Every recruiter feels frustration at some point in their day, week, year and it is easy to become fixated on the negatives. To me, in a recruitment setting, this saying is stating “if you don’t have any interviews, go arrange some”, “not enough roles to work, pick up the phone and get some more” basically stop winging  and change the game. One of the best things about working in recruitment is the ability to influence, even determine your own fate, in terms of billings, earnings and career path.

“Who you gonna call…” - Ghost Busters (1984) (Let’s just ignore the remake)

This iconic phrase, we all know it and we all know the theme tune. The scene; there is a spooky issue that needs addressing and we all know who to call. Now let us change the scene; there is a recruitment issue, do companies within your market know who to call? The answer should be you but are you present enough? Are you a face and a name? Have you built your “brand” within the niche you operate? Nobody can be omnipresent in a market, but this should be strived for. The closer you get to his goal the more you will enjoy your work and the more successful you will be.

“Hasta la vista baby” – Terminator (1985)

Not a quote I use in the office but a seemingly good title to draw this to a close.

The above quotes are used often but always tongue in cheek. Recruitment can be a hard career path with highs and lows throughout your career, for me every bit of the job is made better, more efficient and more effective if you enjoy your work and the environment you work within. To this end I try and cultivate an environment that is enjoyable (hence the quotes), mindful of work life balance (Wall Street), has clear plans for success (Gladiator), encourages the right mental attitude (Bad Boys 2) and has a goal to be the market leader (Ghost Busters) within my team. Sounds good? Why not give us a call we are recruiting currently….