It's great to be back!

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So it’s a good thing I’m still feeling refreshed and fired up after my career break, because I’m 3 weeks into my role as Talent Acquisition Manager here at Scantec, and I’ve jobs coming out of my headset clad ears!

My recruitment career spanning 15 years saw me heading up divisions for Michael Page, to managing smaller, boutique agencies, and after taking a break while my children were little, I wondered, what next?

I’d heard of Scantec before, I knew they were based in Birkenhead, and that was it. I tell a lie, I thought they were about 5 guys in an office in Hamilton Square. It wasn’t until a friend of friend told me he’s worked there for over 15 years (as has most of the rest of the Leadership team) that my ears pricked up. It wasn’t until I came to meet the Managing Director and pulled up to their state of the art, purpose built, 3 storey office - place of work to nearly 70 people - that my jaw hit the floor.

How did I not know more about Scantec? After hearing they are in their 29th year, their staff attrition is at 0.5% and their Leadership team is largely home-grown, I was desperate to know more. After hearing that they take their staff training and development seriously (every recruiter can gain a recognised recruitment qualification, if they want to) and seeing that opportunities for career progression are real (a guy who was in my year at school is Sales Director after 13 years service) I knew I wanted to work for Scantec.

So, when I was offered the role of Talent Acquisition Manager, tasked with sourcing the absolute best talent to facilitate Scantec’s impressive future growth plans, I was delighted.

If you want to explore if you’re a Scantec person, and would like to know more about us, please give me a call. While I’d love to share more now, I’ve got to dash, it’s the monthly incentives awards and there’s cash and posh lunches being given away. Then it’s off to my little one’s sports day – did I mention flexible working?!

Like I said, it’s great to be back!

If you’re an experienced recruitment professional and would like to find out how your career can flourish here at Scantec, and how our offering differs from that of our competitors, please contact me today for a confidential conversation.