We CAN Engage With Our Employees

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I’ve been in the recruitment industry for over 4 years now in various sectors but one thing that stays constant are reasons people are looking for new roles. In my experience, candidates don’t leave jobs, they leave companies. When I ask why a candidate is looking for a new job, I am regularly told that they are looking for something that they are not currently receiving from their current company. This could be anything from recognition, training, development, engagement, a positive work environment or a supportive manager.

With this in mind, it got me thinking about my current company – I’ve been at Scantec for just over a year now and I can honestly say I’m working with an incredible team who are passionate about what they do. As I would hate to think anyone was unhappy coming into work for any reason (apart from Monday blues), I decided to introduce the Employee Forum. The idea was to create an open discussion centre where ideas, issues or suggestions could be raised anonymously directly to management. Each month a short meeting is held where members of each team attend, collaborate ideas and these are taken to our MD to discuss possible solution. In general the whole thing has worked well so far. We have also had a new people development framework rolled out by the training team which outlines what’s expected in every job role within the company. The benefit of this new framework is that everyone is clear and transparent on what is expected of them within their individual role, and promotions are measurable, fair and consistent for all. This has been motivating people to think about where their next step up could be and what skills they’d need to develop to get there without waiting for appraisals to review this, resulting in everyone now truly owning their personal development plans.

The results so far from the development framework have meant several promotions across the company and also providing opportunities for staff to change roles within the framework to better play to their strengths. Managers have also been fully on board with encouraging upskilling and development within weekly coaching sessions. The forum, whilst still in its infancy, has already introduced a new social calendar, charity events, pizza Fridays, cross team training and a review of the holiday allowances to name a few. We have also had a change of hours across the business meaning that we finish early on a Friday which is always welcome!

We are always looking for ways to improve and adapt so that we aren’t losing good people from the business due to a lack of engagement. Seeing first hand how introducing small simple changes in a company can significantly engage more staff, it surprises me how so many job hunters I speak to haven’t tackled some of the problems with their manager before taking the decision to leave. And, if they are, why would employers choose not to listen and take feedback on board? It seems crazy to me. Change and growth may be painful, but change is as good as a rest - nothing is as painful as staying somewhere you don’t belong.