Importance of Face-to Face

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About 6 months ago I left my role managing Scantec’s Technical and Engineering department and moved across as the new Client Relationship Manager. After more years than I care to admit spent in recruitment, it was time for a change. I missed the interactions with clients and I love to talk, which most of my colleagues new and old would attest to.

I recently went to a meeting where the client was astounded that we would want to drive for hours to meet with them. It dawned on me that it is far too easy to forget the importance of doing business face to face when building relationships. I know my clients get an unimaginable number of calls from employment business’ every day and everyone is busy, but to be able to offer the best service you surely need to understand the business and the problems they are currently facing. In order for us to find the solution to their problems we need as many touch points as possible, which involves meeting a selection of decision makers to get a true picture of the business dynamics.  “Why wouldn’t we want to arrange a day of meeting the hiring managers and see the offices?” When hiring Technical & Engineering talent the capabilities of the candidate are obviously important to the client, however recruiting the right behaviours and an effective on-boarding process are just as critical to help reduce attrition and increase engagement when hiring talent. Counter offers and managing the expectations of our candidates is part and parcel of the recruitment process, however face to face meetings improve our ability to address this. Having that face to face experience means we are able  to understand the business, experience where our candidates could be working and sample the atmosphere thus enabling us to provide a true and honest representation of the business throughout the process. My view is that the days that just a job specification is enough are now behind us, it is the small quirks within a business that makes all the difference.

My point is simple. If you want to have a real conversation with people have specialised in Technical & Engineering talent for over 28 years then please get intouch here. Stephen is more than happy coming out to meet you, to get to know you and your business and explain how we could support your business.