Are you even in a team?

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“A group is generally 3 or more people who work independently to achieve the organisation goals”

“A team can come from different parts of an organisation but all work collectively and collaboratively to achieve a set target, project or goal.”

I’ve certainly learnt that there is a huge difference between a group of people and a team whilst taking the step into people management. Some of you may know I successfully gained my Diploma in Management last year, completing this in a 12 month period whilst working full time, taking 3 weeks out to go back packing across Thailand, buying my own home, accepting a promotion to Skilled Trades Team Manager which quickly followed with merging the Rail division too. My biggest challenge of all was keeping a cool head, whilst leading the way through people centred change. 100% this has been one of the most difficult yet rewarding challenges of my career to date.

I’d gone from being a high performer in my field, to a new manager. I’d gone from one of the most experienced consultants here, to a management newbie with limited people management experience. I thought I was ready. I’d prepared for months, I’d gone through assessments, courses, I’d done all I could to be ready, leading my Electrical Team for years supporting, mentoring & coaching them to achieve their targets yet it still hit me like a tonne of bricks when I took on a new management role with a new team set up and division. I quickly had to develop skills to work through others, as opposed to making things happen myself and that took a lot of adjusting. The only thing that kept me on track was my drive to develop the team so that we really can make a difference in the recruitment industry. Teams that care about the service we offer to both our candidates and clients and that do things the right way. No cutting corners for an easy ride!

Whilst clinging on to this vision, I witnessed a group of people unsure & uncertain of their future, come together & make a total success of our team. Senior Consultants have stepped up and led by example continually improving their relationships and learning to communicate openly with the team encouraging an innovative environment where they’re free to explore ideas and implement best practice. We all understand that for the team to work we need to appreciate each other’s differences; we need to understand our own and each other’s strengths, and implement new ideas. Most of all, we need to constantly readdress our relationships with each other and invest time in building them back up when they take a knock. We’re only human and we definitely can’t agree 100% of the time. (Where would the fun be in that anyway?)

They’ve done it together. We’ve done it together... I think it’s really important for management to recognise the differences between a group of people and a team so just some little pointers that have helped me adjust; I hope you enjoy reading them!

The characteristics of an effective team:

• Having a meaningful common purpose and goal

• Diversity of skills and personalities within the team

• Clear performance goals for the team

• Good communication and collaboration between the team and management

• Trust and commitment amongst the team members

My team & I have a bright future, putting the finishing touches to our 5 year plan to double the number of people in our team and I can’t wait to see the ideas that the team present in our upcoming brainstorming sessions!

Exciting times ahead for us all :)