Scantec peddle around Europe



A three-man cycling team from Scantec has completed The 3 Cities Cycling Challenge, raising money for brilliant causes.

Scantec, an award-winning technical and engineering recruitment agency based in Wirral, supported three of their staff as they cycled 300 miles through Europe.

The trio of Paul, Liam and Gareth, raised a huge £5320 for their biking efforts and the money has been donated to Claire House, Marie Curie and Ronald McDonald House.

The challenge started in London which took the team rolling through English countryside, the plains of Holland and sleepy lanes of Belgium, visiting Amsterdam and Brussels along the way.

The threesome had put serious training hours in before they embarked on the challenge, impressively notching up a collective 459 hours in the saddle. The team managed to cycle 7,931 miles before the big ride – the same as travelling from Melbourne to Los Angeles – and climbed 235,846, equivalent to reaching the dizzying heights of Everest eight times.

Giant Liverpool, one of the sponsors for Team Scantec, also provided all three cyclists with a free bike service prior to the challenge – keeping bodies and bicycles safe for the mammoth task ahead!

The team is now planning their next fundraising venture and would like to thank everyone for their support.

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