New Year, New Career



As another year draws to a close, New Year’s resolutions will begin. Did you start 2016 off with good intentions, perhaps you wanted to change something? Or, do something different like lose weight, learn a new skill or get a new job?!

When was the last time you reviewed your job or your career? If you reviewed your job last year, what goals did you set yourself and have you achieved them?

Will you be dreading going back to work again in January?

If so, this January should be time for your ‘New Year, new career’, or at least, ‘New Year, new job’!

As things wind down for Christmas, now is a really good opportunity to set time aside to reflect and review your job, your career and, if you have one, your career development plan.

I have often reviewed my job at this time of year, considering things like, “do I still enjoy my job?” – a good place to start! I reflect on the likes and dislikes I have for my job and, I ask myself if I am working to the best of my ability. What am I good at? Have I learnt new skills or gained experience in something new? Then I consider whether or not I have progressed in the last 12 months… and if not, why not?

If you have a career development plan, have you achieved your goals/ SMART targets – what was achieved and what wasn’t?  Just a note – a CDP is useful to have; it enables you to focus and achieve your career goals, by breaking these goals down into a series of steps within a realistic timescale.

So, things aren’t going as planned and you are no longer enjoying your job… It is time for a change, time to find a new job – maybe even your dream job!

New Year is a good time for a change, to find a new job. We get motivated again.  A new year can mean a new beginning – use this New Year’s motivation to find that new job, it might be long overdue! Also, January can be one of the best times of the year to look for a new job. The job market quietens down in December and picks up again in January – with a bang – companies start to action their own plans for the New Year and start recruiting again. We are already being told about new vacancies for 2017.

Once you have decided to find a new job, what next?

Ask questions like; what are my interests? What am I really good at and what motivates me? What are my skills, strengths and past successes? And certainly have a think about why you want to leave your current job. What could you bring to a new job/employer that others can’t?

Now’s the time, update your CV and start looking for a new career!

Peter Rowland (Divisional Manager Scantec Scientific)

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