Developing the extra special recruiter



Let’s face it, the process of generating revenue as a recruitment agency or business is not as easy as it might seem to the casual observer. The challenges are many and varied, and success is unlikely without a strong blend of drive, resilience and determination.  Nothing is guaranteed in this industry – we are dealing with people and people are, ultimately, complex beings. In contrast to many roles carried out across various walks of life, in the world of recruitment, a certain level of input does not always guarantee the desired outcomes.

Developing recruiters

Being a successful recruiter cannot be taught purely from a training manual. Of course there is a vast amount of knowledge required for the role that ­can be taught; legislation, processes, commercials, industries, disciplines, clients and some inside tips and tricks, to name a few. However, there is always the “x-factor”, talent, or magic that needs to come into play to maximise the possibility of success.

These are the unteachable elements of the role; the “recruitment radar” that just knows when a candidate is going to let you down or the client is not going to proceed with a hire – the ability to use the slightest amount of influence available to make a difference throughout the recruitment process that might just ensure a positive outcome.  It is the skill in building rapport, gaining trust and presenting in a credible manner (often only by phone or email); it is reaching a level of confidence and familiarity with what you do so that it becomes second nature – unscripted and unforced; it is knowing exactly what to do at every twist and turn and, making the best decision; it is understanding your limits – when to push them and when to hold back.

Recognising talented people who have these skills, or who might be able to develop them is an ongoing challenge. Some people are “natural” and will get there quickly whilst others may take a lot longer. Some will seem to have all the traits but will never get there and others might seem unlikely to succeed but will surprise you.

The important consideration is how we ensure that people have the opportunity to realise their maximum potential. We can do our best to select the “right” people and we can provide a structured training programme based around the more “teachable” elements of the role. However, bringing out the final bit of magic needed for the best possible chance of success is something that can only be developed through experience and ongoing support. Passing on the intangible skills required in the role, developed through the blood sweat and tears of experienced, successful recruiters is the icing on the cake for a comprehensive development programme.

At Scantec, we will take the time to understand what makes you tick. We will provide you with tools, training, coaching and mentoring to guide you towards a successful career. Most importantly, we will give you the time and support to help you realise your full potential.

The rest is up to you.


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