“Coders are today’s rock stars”

Information & Technology


While musicians need to come up with new material to stay relevant and sell their music, coders and those working in the IT industry will be finding themselves in a similar position… The industry moves at lightning pace, blink and you’ll miss it. In what is one of today’s most highly recruited for and developed industries, attracting the right type of candidate who fits in – culturally as well as having the required technical ability – is becoming increasingly difficult to do. From my own experience over the last seven years, demand for developers only continues to increase. With so much demand for this skill, it leaves me wondering, “what are companies doing to attract coders over their competition, and what are they doing to keep hold of good talent?”.

When I first started recruiting, I was given job specifications which contained words such as, “Google-esque feel”, or, “Blue sky thinking”. Some even offered the opportunity to fire Nerf guns in the office! Even though mentioning Nerf guns in a job spec is pretty cool to sell on, back then it might have been enough to secure some developers however the landscape has changed.  Now, it’s important for companies to assess their competition and the way they position themselves in the market to attract such sought after developers.  I always encourage a manager looking for staff to ask themselves this one question; “why would I want this position if I were in this developer’s shoes, at this point in my career?”. If the role doesn’t excite you, you can be guaranteed it won’t excite them! So, what can you do to change this?

  • Invest in new technologies, exciting projects and training opportunities
  • Company culture – are your employees fully engaged and motivated?
  • Salaries – are they competitive in the market?
  • Communicate to potential employees the short, medium and longer term career opportunities available to them – has this been clearly thought through ahead of the interview? Take time and consideration in prepping for interviews
  • Flexible working opportunities – can you attract a wider pool of candidates through offering flexibility of remote working?

What are you doing to keep your rock stars?

Software Developers will be getting head hunted every day. Sorry to panic you, Development Managers, but this is a fact!

Everyday I see some form of post on my LinkedIn home feed that relates to ‘Bosses vs Leaders’ and why people stay at one company. From my experience, a lot of what I see is right. When a manager leads by example, their staff follow. When a manager supports them with their career development, recognises their achievements and motivates them to achieve – both the business objectives as well as personal career goals – people rarely leave!  As a recruiter I love recruiting for these type of companies with strong leadership, I get a real buzz when good candidates get excited by one of my client’s opportunities when they weren’t looking for a new role in the first place.  More and more companies are switching on to different ways to keep their staff engaged and motivated – in turn, making it harder for companies who don’t operate in this way to attract these talented individuals.

Remember that money isn’t everything. You don’t need to pay above market rates to attract good people. Surprisingly, I’ve found it’s not the sole reason for people leaving companies.  It is a contributing factor, of course, but look at what other added extras you can factor in to make your company the place to work. Then, sit back and watch it grow!