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Scantec Personnel was established in 1990 supplying temporary and permanent staff to the Technical, Engineering and Scientific sectors throughout the UK and Overseas.

Scantec specialises in the Engineering, Scientific, Manufacturing, IT and Technical Sectors. Scantec provide highly qualified and experienced personnel in a compliant and professional manner on both a permanent and temporary assignment basis.

​Initially servicing the Petrochemical, Shipbuilding and Oil & Gas industries Scantec has since successfully developed other sectors including Power Generation, Decommissioning, Nuclear, Defence,  Energy, Process, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Rail, General Engineering, Civil & Building and Professional Services Sectors.

Our single site operation is one of the largest in the UK and all of our Recruitment Consultants are extensively trained and hold recruitment qualifications and membership with the IoR. These high standards are endorsed with ISO 9001:2015 Certified and Investors in People (IIP) Silver.

We work closely with clients to develop an in-depth understanding of their business and offer a service tailored to each specific requirement. From an individual to a complete team Scantec will source the people you need from our wide and diverse recruitment database of skilled candidates.

Industry Sectors

  • Automotive

    you can succeed

    The automotive industry is a powerhouse. Sales across the world reached 88 billion last year, up almost 5% on the year before, and profit margins are at a 10-year high.

    Advancing technologies, new waves of investment and stunning innovations have revolutionised the automotive industry. Traditional ideas are being overturned every day and the industry is in an unprecedented shape-shifting era.

    With these foundations laid, it is essential for businesses within the industry to be poised for growth with access to talent that will pave the way for an exciting future.

    we can make a difference

    As the industry changes, Scantec does too, to offer clients value-added recruitment and talent acquisition solutions. Wherever you sit in the automotive market, Scantec is your ‘must have’ recruitment partner with deep expertise and a broad knowledge across a full spectrum of divisions.

    Benefit from our rich history in recruitment and operational efficiency; working together with you, we can achieve better outcomes and real results.

    Motivated and empowered multi-disciplinary teams collaborate seamlessly across the three key areas of Engineering, Project Services and Skilled Trades to provide ideally placed people, where you need them.

  • Defence, MOD & Aerospace

    you can be the best

    The Defence, MOD and Aerospace sector is facing increasing pressures and experiencing an economic super cycle. Soaring skill shortages, advancing technology and widespread security threats are increasing budgets and driving demands for production.

    Bold investment commitments from the UK Government, to nuclear deterrent programmes has compounded these issues, and with the effect being felt throughout the global supply chain, the search is on for sustainable recruitment solutions.

    can do attitude

    Scantec stands uniquely well-positioned to respond to these changes and delivers on large-scale recruitment projects through operational excellence and customer centricity.

    As the industry becomes more demanding, we’ll be there. Widely considered as the Defence, MOD and Aerospace recruitment market leader, we understand the opportunities that are available.

    welcome the new

    A partnership with Scantec is a commitment to work with a Defence, MOD and Aerospace talent acquisition business that serves as a model for the future. The industry holds huge promise worldwide and we are here for the life of your business.

    The Defence, MOD and Aerospace Team is your single point of contact for strategic recruitment solutions in this diverse sector. Qualified recruitment professionals offer integrated service solutions designed with you in mind, to connect you with engineering, skilled trades and project controls talent. Great results happen when teams work together​.

  • FMCG Food Manufacturing

    we can recruit excellence

    With 6000 businesses and 8000 products launched in the UK every year, the FMCG Food Manufacturing industry is the largest manufacturing sector and has a far-reaching impact on the nation’s economy.
    Despite the staggering growth, one of the most protracted problems facing the industry is the critical shortage of skilled workers; the need for a highly-trained workforce is intensifying rapidly.

    we can face the challenges together

    Recent research shows that UK businesses will need almost 137,000 new sector recruits this year alone. The challenge now, is for members of this diverse industry to attract and retain a reliable pipeline of talent and adopt a multi-faceted approach to capacity building during these times.

    The Scantec FMCG Food Manufacturing Team has pride in its excellent reputation across the industry and can guide you through the complexities of industry regulations and requirements to help you stay ahead of the curve.

    you can take the lead

    ​Pioneering clients from across the country have benefited from proven capabilities in end-to-end permanent and interim recruitment solutions. Collaboration is key to our success. When you put Scantec to work, the service is fuelled by expertise and backed by knowledge and certifications in  FMCG  Manufacturing, Engineering & Scientific.

  • General Manufacturing

    The world is changing, are you ready?

    It is the era of growth and digital disruption for the manufacturing sector. Here in the UK, it is an industry to be proud of with 2.7 million employees. Collaboration and confidence is at an all-time high following our re-entry into the top ten of manufacturing nations.

    In this productive industry, you need a recruitment partner to stand up to the shifting demands and meet the opportunities offered by the diverse landscape. Scantec has been delivering outstanding results by pushing the boundaries in talent acquisition since 1990. Despite our exponential growth, we remain focused on long-term relationships and care about how we conduct operations.

    you can create new opportunities

    All of our services are combined and customised to meet your needs. Our goal is to become a leader in this industry, pursuing growth for you through energetic, visionary and interconnected teams of recruiters who specialise in Engineering, Project Controls and Skilled Trades.

  • Highways & Transportation

    you can lead the line

    With increased public and private spending, multiple projects in planning across the country and continuing technological advancements, these are exciting times for the Highways and Transportation Industry.

    As a cornerstone of the UK economy, infrastructure continues to be a vital source of employment as the economy grows. However, with unprecedented skill shortages across the industry and a growing demand for resources, companies of all sizes require a recruitment partner to rely on.

    28 years, one mission

    Finding, hiring and retaining talent is the key to your success, and our search is designed to meet contract and permanent needs. From individual requirements to large-scale projects, the team offers solutions on a contingent and retained basis. With extensive knowledge and experience, the Highways and Transportation Team is well positioned to generate results.​

  • Information & Technology

    The future is now

    The UK IT Industry is poised for extraordinary growth. Massive investments in research, new platforms and transformational technology are opening up significant areas of opportunity. At the same time, the Cyber Security Industry is booming with global spending on products and services set to exceed $1 trillion by 2021.

    With the cyber security skills shortage now the second worst in the world, it is time to shift gear. Staying ahead in this dynamic industry means that you need top-performing professionals in your team and a talent strategy that keeps pace with the industry.

    Vast solutions and shared potential makes Scantec the premier provider in Information Technology recruitment. The Scantec IT Team have the knowledge and expertise to handle powerful talent acquisition requirements and provide exceptional value for customers.​

  • MEP Trades

    we can face the challenges together

    The Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing sectors continue to face challenges with the impacts of a fluctuating economy, globalisation, advancing technology & ever changing legislation. Increasing regulatory requirements, an ageing workforce, skills shortages and increased turnover are making it increasingly difficult to complete works on time and within budget.

    We are able to offer a consultative approach to talent planning for the future of your business along with providing a cost effective, quick and compliant solution when you require a flexible workforce who are suitably qualified & experienced.

    we can recruit excellence

    The MEP team is a unique collective of Multi Disciplinary Industry experts established for over 15 years. Our knowledge of the market, various industries & relevant legislation make us the perfect recruitment partner.

    We are MEP specialists in a variety of industries including:

    • Nuclear
    • MOD
    • Power Generation
    • Oil & Gas
    • Petrochemical
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Automotive
    • Construction
    • Food Manufacturing 

  • Oil, Gas, & Petrochemical

    we can solve your problem

    Volatile prices, political issues and environmental factors lead to constantly fluctuating demands in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry. Emerging markets, globalisation, advancing technologies and improved efficiencies now require a continued flow of highly skilled Engineers in the sector. We actively work on both upstream and downstream projects providing solutions for international operators, EPCs, Consultants and Contractors of all sizes. With a progressive customer-centric approach, we supply temporary and permanent staff to Greenfield, Brownfield and maintenance projects, both onshore and offshore.

    we can find the solution

    We offer scalable solutions with a scope of coverage from FEED stage, detailed design, construction, installation and commissioning, to handover and maintenance. Throughout the product lifecycle, on upstream, midstream and downstream, our services find candidates to suit your cultural fit and core values. With world class candidate management, referencing and background checks we can draw upon our trusted network of industry and international contacts and access passive candidate pools.

    Our capabilities and expertise stretch across Project Controls, Engineering, Skilled Trades, IT and Scientific divisions. A team of strategic thinkers and recruitment experts manage all five spheres to create the very best results.

  • Building & Infrastructure

    we can solve complex challenges 

    The industry is highly fragmented with many specialists and SMEs, and with unprecedented skill shortages across the industry and a growing demand for resources, companies of all sizes require a recruitment partner to rely on.

    Scantec builds a long-term talent acquisition road map for top-performing businesses, throughout the project lifecycle. Guided by strategic values, we put our beliefs into practice every day and go about it in a transparent way, with focus and passion.

    you can trust in us

    We strive to earn the trust of clients by committing to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and go beyond compliance to offer you complete peace of mind with detailed succession planning.

    Actions speak loud and we take pride in our work and word, and do what we promise. If you haven’t experienced what recruitment is like with Scantec, it is time to discover how we earned our outstanding reputation.

  • Project Controls

    we can help you deliver

    The need for project controls expertise is increasing exponentially with significant investment in large scale construction and engineering projects across the UK.

    This, coupled with more organisations than ever looking to develop and implement project controls teams has lead to an unprecedented demand for Planning, Costing, Estimating and Risk professionals. 

    we can offer a market leading service

    Scantec are uniquely placed to mitigate the effects of the UK skill shortage. Operating in Project Controls since 1990, supporting projects across the UK, Scantec has built and maintained an unparalleled network of candidates and client organisations.

    From a long standing partnership with the Association of Cost Engineers, an organisation committed to the development of project controls standards worldwide, Scantec employees have gained increased insights into the various project controls professions helping us to understand client and candidate needs in greater detail and thus offering a more effective and bespoke service.

    Working with Scantec you will be working with a team committed to providing market leading Project Controls recruitment expertise, providing an effective and timely service to candidates and clients alike.   

  • Ports, Marine & Aviation

    you can achieve stronger results

    In the UK, the Ports and Airports sector is moving into high gear. Our airport infrastructure has seen surges in passenger numbers and the UK port industry now enjoys a position as the second largest in Europe, handling over 95% of the UK’s ever expanding worldwide import and export business.

    As market competition intensifies, the industry is undergoing a period of structural adjustment. The platinum age is here and with major expansion projects underway and ever-increasing demand, the challenge of finding qualified talent is at the top of the priorities list.

    Unlock greater success

    Scantec offers unprecedented opportunities to understand and address these complex issues. Our long-standing industry relationships have been built from the ground up, and provide access to permanent and contract while collar talent. Delivering to the needs of our customers, we deliver way above benchmark returns across in Engineering, Project Controls and Skilled Trades.

  • Power, Nuclear & Utilities

    we can solve complex challenges

    The Power, Nuclear and Utilities sectors face ever growing demand for people to support design, construction, operation and de-commissioning. A lean and ageing workforce combined with poor retention is creating major issues for recruiting and engaging staff and is driving demand in the industry.

    We work actively on the UK’s New Nuclear Build Programme on planning, design and implementation and are also instrumental in fleet operations and decommissioning activities for end of life projects. We have excellent market knowledge of waste, biomass and renewable projects across the UK, providing talent for permanent and contract white collar positions.

    build on our growth

    With over 30 years of recruitment experience, we have a tradition of setting high standards in delivering a responsible and professional service. We access the most qualified nuclear and power talent available and have the assessment capabilities and experience to ensure the best fit for your project.

    We view security as a fundamental component of recruitment in this area, that is why our in depth understanding and expert application of Nuclear SQEP and clearance processes offer full compliance and confirmation to changing industry regulations.

    you can trust in us

    Scantec offers a national recruitment platform to serve your needs in Engineering, Project Controls and Skilled Trades. We have a tradition of setting high standards for ourselves, combining in-depth functional expertise with operational experience to provide unmatched quality through tightly aligned teams.

    With agility and unique expertise, we access the most qualified nuclear and power talent available, and have the assessment capabilities and experience to ensure the best fit for your project.

  • Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management

    we can help you deliver

    The need for cost, commercial and surveying expertise is increasing exponentially with significant investment in large scale construction and engineering projects across the UK.

    Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management skill sets are now some of the scarcest in the UK and the gap between demand and supply is growing. 

    we can offer a market leading service

    Scantec are uniquely placed to mitigate the effects of the UK skills shortage. Recruiting within Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management since 1990, Scantec has supported many projects while building an in-depth network of candidates and clients.

    The team at Scantec actively attend numerous Quantity Surveying workshops on a monthly basis. This improves the understanding of Scantec employees within the industry and increases the effectiveness of Scantec’s services, whilst also increasing the reach and quality of various candidate and client networks.

    Working with Scantec you will be working with a team committed to providing market leading Cost, Commercial and Quantity Surveying recruitment expertise, providing an effective and timely service to candidates and clients alike.   

  • Rail

    you can leverage our expertise

    With almost one and a half billion passenger journeys, 10,000 miles of track, 2500 stations and 190,000 employees, the rail industry in the UK is big business. Businesses everywhere are endangered by a chronic lack of skills and a widening knowledge gap with hard-to-fill vacancies becoming an ever-present issue

    Change is needed and we are making it happen. It is time for a more proactive approach and to seize opportunities with a premier talent acquisition partner who understands rail industry recruitment in a different light. 

    Read the signals

    Scantec started building solutions more than a quarter of a century ago and we remain true to our guiding values to this day. Your needs are our number one priority. With decades of experience in placing top-tier engineers, management, commercial and more senior candidates into contract and permanent employment, integrating Scantec into your hiring process can improve your bottom line.

  • Scientific

    we can bring a science to recruitment

    The Scientific marketplace is a critical business area for the UK. A rapid pace of change and increasing investment in the industry is exposing vast candidate shortages. To thrive and grow, it is vital to adopt a strategic approach to recruitment and talent acquisition.

    Today, more than ever, success means redefining approaches on attracting and securing the most talented people. The Scantec Scientific team focuses on helping clients to attract and retain the best in the field. For over 25 years, we have grown as a result of helping clients achieve their long-term goals and seeking solutions where we can find them.

  • Pharmaceutical & Chemical

    you can find a better way

    The UK is a prominent player in the worldwide Pharmaceutical Industry and poised for major transformation. Exciting and innovative breakthroughs in drug discovery, new therapeutic areas and the discovery of new medical devices are changing the face of the industry. As the sector continues to scale up, demand for jobs will continue to increase rapidly in this challenging climate.

    Future success and maintaining a profitable position will be contingent upon timely responses in an increasingly demanding sector. The ability to meet growing demand is key to success and recruitment strategies must provide resilience and agility for the new landscape. Businesses that anticipate and plan for change can create their own future.

    Deep industry expertise in the chemical industry and long-standing relationships places Scantec in a key position to help your business to pinpoint opportunities Since our founding over 30 years ago, Clients have counted on us for expert talent acquisition strategies.​

  • Internal
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    Defence, MOD & Aerospace
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    FMCG Food Manufacturing
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    General Manufacturing
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    Highways & Transportation
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    Information & Technology
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    MEP Trades
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    Oil, Gas, & Petrochemical
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    Building & Infrastructure
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    Project Controls
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    Ports, Marine & Aviation
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    Power, Nuclear & Utilities
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    Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management
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    Pharmaceutical & Chemical
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Our Values


Ensuring we deliver on our commitments to clients, candidates and our people by endeavouring every day to improve and exceed expectations.


We commit to being as transparent as possible. We are clear about what  we can and cannot offer, the standards our clients, candidates and staff can expect from us as well as what we expect from them.


Our business is all about relationships. In order to build long term relationships we must act with integrity at all times. We must conduct ourselves in a proper and professional manner and never devalue our brand with impropriety.


Acting with the highest ethical standards, we set the benchmark in the industry. Our focus on quality guides our journey through the ever changing legal and compliance landscape, minimising risk and motivating us to be the very best at what we do.


To be the most  trusted recruitment  brand in the UK, built  upon a reputation of  enhancing businesses,  progressing careers and  striving for success.

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We are always happy to talk to candidates who thrive on working in a fast-paced, team-based, learning-rich environment. Whether you have had a lot of recruitment experience or are just starting out, Scantec offers an exciting environment to reach the heights of their profession.